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About Us

The Pure Elixir

Our objective to provide Immaculate Cannabis Extracts pushes our team to constantly Research and Develop modern techniques of extraction and purification. Seed to Oil our approach guarantees, Clarity, Purity and Potency. All our plant-material, concentrates, and e-liquid go through rigorous testing to ensure the finest quality 100% free of contaminants, impurities and solvents.

Our Method

Pure Elixir concentrates are extracted with our proprietary blend of medical grade Hydrocarbons (Ethanol) using an ETS Closed Looped System (CLS) then we further refine our oils using a technique called Fractional Distillation. Safety plays a major part in our process; we test all of our products using Analytical Chemistry with a High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) apparatus to determine THC/CBD levels and terpene profiles. Using these technologies enables us to achieve the highest degree of clarity, purity and potency.

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